The word “fashion” comes from the root word facere, “to make.” To say that something is “Austin Fashion” should mean that it was made here by someone who lives here, ideally worn by someone who also lives here.

The term “Austin Fashion” gets thrown around a lot by bloggers and by mass media, and its use in poor context, while innocent, is pervasive, contagious, and damaging to the people it truly belongs to– local fashion designers, ateliers, and couturiers of Austin.

The term “Austin Fashion” does not belong to H&M, Target, Prada, Gucci, or Coach. It does not belong to Nordstrom, Saks, or Neiman Marcus… that is, until they start carrying local fashion brands born and made here in Austin.

When a blog wants to do editorial on the clothing and accessories of those who live in our city, that should be referred to “Austin Style.” Joanna Wilkinson and team at Keep Austin Stylish do a fantastic job of delineating these terms in covering both Austin Style and Austin Fashion in a way that combines local and international brands, even vintage looks.

Going forward, when something is worn by an Austinite, it does not necessarily mean it is “Austin Fashion.” Let’s offer the respect to our local designers by reserving that term exclusively for them. They work to deserve it. We should work equally hard to keep them in business, so they can continue to keep our locals clothed in true Austin fashion and… KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD!