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Timely, accurate advice from strange sources are an underrated way of connecting with a higher authority.

My husband and I play a video game called Civilization V: Gods & Kings that we’re (ok I’M) obsessed with. There are many ways to win the game, but one of them continues to allude me: Cultural Victory. All the other ways to win involve massive settlements, armies, and landmass so I assumed to win culturally the same would be true and have been playing accordingly. I’ve had a game going for about a week now, and even with that cultural intent, I’m falling behind in points with no hope of gaining.

The spouse started perusing the forums, and the advice we discovered was very interesting, paraphrased to drive home my point:

– Keep your empire small and focused.
– Don’t form bonds with anyone against anyone else.
– Focus intently on building as many wonders as you can.
– Maintain defenses, but don’t build armies.
– NEVER DECLARE WAR. It’s expensive and draining.
– If someone denounces you, it’s because you’re a threat to their victory. It means you’re ahead.
– Maintain and respect your boundaries. Don’t let anyone walk all over you.

As we approach Austin Fashion Week even earlier this year, let’s all bear these bits of advice in our minds as we create. The overriding point of fashion is making a cultural impact in our world, big and small, so let’s maintain that focus and avoid pesky distractions.